She gave it all away

When she was seventeen

Got diapers and a trailer

For school and her dreams

She can't quite swing insurance

So the trucks under a tree

Some things just take hold

And consume eventually


She saw herself a teacher

Had college in her plan

Pushed it all aside

For one night with a man

They say she's like her mother

Impulsive to a tee

The social worker says

Apple fell next to the tree



Give your heart to your kids

That you're raising alone

Your soul to Minimum wage

'Cause you are never home



They say the best laid plans

Are never etched in stone

And here she is at twenty-three

Lonely and alone




You pray for the boys

And your grandmother too

You take good care of her

Like she took good care of you

Drinking to forget

After they go off to sleep

Until you can't do Facebook

Through the tears you weep



And here she is at twenty-three

Lonely and alone


c-2016, 2017 Robert Richmond, Two Good Reasons Music BMI