Me and Jeff went west

Thought I'd show him round

Headed to the Choctaw Nation

Uncle Milton’s stomping ground

Got a car in Tulsa

Forty to 64

Stopped for coffee in Tahequah

At a 7-11 store

Ran into Roscoe Luther

Served two tours of Nam

Lost his wife to cancer

And his leg to Uncle Sam

Pointed south on 69

To McAlester, mom's home town

They said he's not around

Kid on meth doing donuts

In a Walmart parking lot

Woman yellin' at her kids

"Damn, that's all I got"

Buying whiskey for her old man

Selling food stamps outside

Jeff, he laughed and said

"This is one hell of a ride"


Can't be visiting too long

Gotta drive until I drop

There's a woman down in Ardmore

At the Chickasaw Smoke Shop


Didn't need no cigarettes

Bought a Diet Coke

Said she ran off with Uncle Milton

Is this some kind of joke?

The woman that got her job

Has problems of her own

A ten year old disabled

Still have him when he's grown

Got a trailer down the road

Walks up here each day

Can't quite make the bills

On that smoke shop pay

So we all sat down

On the steps outside

Each in a quandary

In which we willingly abide

Guess folks are doin'

The best they can do

Wouldn't wish it on Trump

Sure wouldn't wish it on you

Passed around a forty

Like we were old friends

Quiet drive back

And here this story ends



C-2016, Robert Richmond, Two Good Reasons Music BMI