I can't get excited about an accurate bomb

President's niece smoking dope at the prom

Wars for oil ain't about rights

About killing little kids in the middle of the night

Lot's of folks flying flags on their cars

Talking patriotism over the bar

Well who drew the line between them folks and me

Afghanistan or Tennessee?


Older feller looked at me and explained, he said
hem turban heads are half insane, he said

Boy, you gotta call a spade a spade

When you're paying peanuts,monkeys what ya get

You gotta stand up tall

And walk like a rooster through the chicken shit



Folks is folks the preacher said

As he peered into that book he read

About a holy man who suffered and died

While the greedy powers just laughed and lied

Well, sure enough them words are true

So I'll throw this right on back to you

Which man was born to make the call

Or are we gonna kill 'em all?


C 2004 Robert Richmond, Two Good Reasons Music BMI