Somewhere out near Webber's Falls

Just past the railroad track

Old man stood looking out

With the Arkansas River at his back

He was looking up at the curling smoke

Coming from the Stand Watie hills

Where once the council fires had burned

Now there was a methedrine still


Sheriff passed by slowly

And on his second round

Decided to investigate

This stranger he had found

He asked the old man what he saw

In the misty haze of green

The old man slowly turned to him

And said this is what he'd seen


I see desperate times for a once proud people

Who have long forgotten what it is they're here for

I see too many Indians with they one gave fever

They got the lust for money and they worship deceivers

I see seventh generation that has but one reason

That must not be forsaken in the name of assimilation

I see too many chiefs that are leading the treason

With their four star casinos in the name of retribution




I see all of the children waiting for a leader

That will guide them all to a new tomorrow

With the spirit to show and take them back to the past

That was theirs before the trails of sorrow

I see all of the children waiting for a leader (x3)


c-2004, Robert Richmond, Two Good Reasons Music  BMI