You said he was a good provider

A man like that you'd never had

But the pressure gets him drinking

And the drinking gets him mad

You can't count the times

He said it was the last

You thought that if you loved him

It was something he'd get past

They say his job is leaving

And with it his last hope

The uncertainty is overwhelming

He says the bottle helps him cope

You remember how it was

Before the darkness came

You cry alone at night

"Why can't things be the same?"


It's hard to see the promise

When the past gets in the way

A minute is an hour

Let alone another day


It's easier to do nothing

Than what you know you must do

So you wrap yourself in something

To keep the pain from getting through

It's hard to face this future

Harder still to be alone

Then you think about the children

And pack your things while he is gone


Driving in dark silence

Kids sleeping in the mirror

Thinking about your mother

Wishing she were there

A neon lit motel

At exit eighty-four

Tomorrow will be waiting

Like it always has before


You pack your things and you are gone

C-2016, Robert Richmond, Two Good Reasons Music BMI