9 July 2019- Three new songs have been added to the lyric collection. "The Last Heart Standing"from 2016, appeared on the limited edition cassette of the "Robert Richmond" album as a bonus track. The other two songs, "Ashes & Dust" (2019) and "She's Done Her Job" (2018) are unreleased.

4 July 2019-Happy holiday to all our American friends. Hoping you have a memorable and safe day! Couple things here. New "Song Spotlight" additions check out that page. Also, the bio is getting a long overdue reconstruction so that page is out of service. 

9 June 2019-By request, we are releasing a single of the 12"version of Robert's "She Don't Dance Like She Use To (WHM-33)." As it has received close to 40,000 plays on the streaming services without any promotion whatsoever, it well deserves a single of its own. Look for a landing on 16 August!! 


27 May 2019-Drums and bass in the studio today. Working on an old track that's been visited a few times before, and a new song called "All They've Got Is Each Other." Also, playing a modeled version of putt-putt golf from the booth to the bass drum. These guys have this down, think I'm being scammed here...-Robert w/ "Icy" Loudon (drums) and Ben Carlson (engineer)

Hope you are all enjoying a musical romp through the past via "Little Eggs-The Singles" and the new single "How's The Weather?" Robert is busy writing and recording several different projects including a score for an independent film called "Conduit" and, of course, the next album. As he hasn't done an interview since 2005, we figured it was time for a little Q and A which will appear here very soon. Meantime, a little taste of the film music is included for a brief time in the audio player and song spotlight area of the website


Well??? Have you heard "How's the Weather?" yet???? Some of you already figured this out- but the only place to hear the new song RIGHT NOW is at Bandcamp. Available everywhere else 29 March!!!


Most popular tracks (includes purchases, downloads, streaming)

01. Alone
02. Fortune Teller
03. Looking For Julie
04. How's the Weather?
05. She Don't Dance Like She Used To






If you are inclined toward digital downloads, the place to go is Robert's Bandcamp page
where you can get hi-quality flac and wave files as opposed to the so-so quality of the "other guys" at the same price or less."





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