With each passing day

This world is not my own

And it's fair to say retreating

Has become my happy home

The things I used to count on

I can't lean on anymore

I could try to fight the current

But I ask myself what for

So I sit and watch it all go by

So curiously

Most of my friends are gone now

So I rest on my memories

I mark days off my calendar

As if to testify

That while time will be the victor

It ain't yet got this guy


I stay up through the darkness

And in the quiet of the night

Prepare my next defense

As if surviving makes me right

And when the sun is rising

Firmly in my stead

I mark off yet another page

And stumble off to bed


What is this game

I'm destined not to win

That relishes each sunrise

As I mark the date again?

Why do we cling so strongly

To every breath we take?

When we know the deck is rigged

And we won't get a fair shake


c-2016 Robert Richmond, Two Good Reasons Music BMI