It is neither here or there that matters

Only the distance that lies between

Your perceptions are illusions

And we are only players in a scene

What we once saw to be black and white

Has now slowly turned to grey

Things that matter are what we feel and do

Words are only things we say


While you're learning to feel again

You'll be learning to cry

While you're learning to walk again

You'll be learning to fly

While you're learning to stand alone

You'll be learning to try

While you're learning to live again

You'll be learning to die


Face off your fears my friend-hold back the tears

This road will take you round and round

And with each passing age-the pain will slowly fade

You'll be reborn in what you've found


Take every minute as if it were the last

Use every breathe to live each day

Remember what it is we shared along this path

And I'll be with you all the way


C 2004, Robert Richmond, Two Good Reasons Music, BMI