They got a rusty old Ford

With an am radio

And two different color doors

With grandma riding shotgun

Half dozen kids in the back

Headed off to the Goodwill store

Pick up commodity cheese

At the BIA

And maybe get some ice cream

At the end of the day

The old folks laugh at them

As they roll through town

But to them, it's just the Indian way


It's a different kind of living

Than the MTV has seen

Living reservation style

In the heart of the American dream

Uncle Foland buys tobacco

From the smoke shop across the town

Likes to eat potato chips on his front porch

Drink no-brand beer to wash 'em down

He bought a guitar in the army

And he has it to this day

If the kids come home with a beer or two

He'll tune it up and play

c-2004 Robert Richmond, Two Good Reasons Music BMI