SOMEBODY'S SON (Unreleased)

He told me he was the god

Of the twenty first century

I figured he was no worse a god

Than the work of others I had seen

I was his disciple for that moment

To show others the way

But this job was shortchanged

He didn't last another day

He drew messages on the bleak ward hallways

No one paid no mind

Ranting voices paint by numbers

What he left behind

To somewhere you don't leave

He was god to at least one man


To them another number

One more insurance claim

Another guy who borrowed smokes

Just one more of the same

But twenty three years before

He was the child of someone

Somebody's promise, somebody's son

Eight days later I was gone

No better for the cause

For all the madness he endured

His leaving was my loss

I still have the bracelet

Cup lids and smoke cellophane

I wear it sometimes and walk these halls

Time and time again

C-2014, Robert Richmond, a Two Good Reasons Music Inc. BMI