Ambushed at a picnic lunch

By the FBI

Women screamed and children ran

With the bullets flying by

Some men took the rest and ran

Some men fired back

Just another day at Pine Ridge

Indians under attack



One Indian died in battle

But the law, they did not care

Two agents also met their end

And were left lying there

Two men who were charged for this

Found innocent, set free

Someone had to to pay the price

Leonard pays for you and me




A man will die for freedom

When he feels the threat is near

One man stood for something

Save us Leonard Peltier


INSTRUMENTAL BREAK-(John Trudell part)


Some forty years have passed him by

And he's still locked away

Just men working all along

To free this man somed

We cannot rest a minute

Till justice does ring true

Leonard rots away in prison

We must do all we can do






C 2014, 2016 Robert Richmond, Two Good Reasons Music, BMI