It was the summer of '71

As best I recall

We loaded up the old Beetle

For a trip in before fall

This was more than a weekend

It was freedom on the rise

Alone, on our own

Owing to innocence I surmise

They were Barber Shop singers

And they filled up the park

We took a lowly only site

And pitched a tent in the dark

Well, of course the rain came

Were nearly swept to the lake

Pitching that tent in the dark

Was but our first mistake


The girls were pretty

Into town we were invited

And this Linda made a young boy

Feel alive and excited


You're always on a bridge

When you're seventeen

Caught on the edge

And the in between

And you stumble through things

Wobbly and lean

But that summer girl

Was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen

Had a run in at a pool hall

With a dangerous crew

Put more money in the jukebox

Was all I could do

Got kissed in the dark

As the tide swept in

And two young boys

Became young men

c-Robert Richmond, Two Good Reasons Music BMI