I've never been the kind of man

Who couldn't find the words

But things have changed here baby

I guess you haven't heard

It could have been last summer

Or on Easter in the rain

With each passing sundown

Knew I'd missed my chance again

Can't say much for timing

Out of reach, out of control

I just couldn't crawl back to you then

When I was climbing from that hole

If I had had it in me

Any opportunity I'd seize

Humble is my heart

On my hands and knees

I used to have this bag of tricks
That I could turn to
And at this very moment
Could sure use one for you


Well it's sunrise in the motor city

Where they used to make the cars

New hopes and dreams have blossomed

And children catch the falling stars

I pace the floor with damned intent

Cell phone in my hand

Time to make a promise

My father was a working man

Said when you got a job to do

You kick it into gear

And before this day is through

I'm finally gonna punch that clock

Kick the rubble from my way

From here in Detroit city

On Saint Valentine's Day

c-2016, Robert Richmond, Two Good Reasons Music BMI