The Last Heart Standing


She's the best of the lot

Based on years of experience

Then again, if she wasn't

Would I care to know the difference?

Long golden hair

Caressed by the ocean wind

It wouldn't be enough

To just be her friend


Alluring in word

And most every way

Do I hear a voice?

"Boy, it's your lucky day"

So step right up

Take your best shot

Throw what's left on the line

Let's see what you got


      These aren't dime-a-dozen, son

      This is the last you'll be sent

      Only here for today

      In this miracle tent



They don't make 'em anymore like this

She can seal the deal with one little kiss

Don't you dare try anything under handing

Because this, my friend, is the last heart standing


So, it's all or nothing

In this unforgiving place

Got a shaky card hand

But my best poker face

It's my heart on the line

I'll meet you and raise

Wipe the sweat from my brow

These are desperate days




c-2016, Robert Richmond, Two Good Reasons Music BMI