The earth has been our mother

But we treat her like a whore

Down go the trees

And up go the stores

Put a dollar in your pocket

And look the other way

Science is the new religion

Who cares what the elders say

Work two jobs if you need to

So you don't get behind

Pay someone to raise your children

Do you really mind?

Get your money for your cable

So you can watch your CNN

How did we live with it?

Does anyone remember when?


Cries of retribution

Pleas against the madness

It's a consumer driven culture

Infested with our sadness

Greed and isolation

The diseases of the day

And the tears of Judas won't

Wash these sins away

It all comes down to numbers

For those that are just numb

And we are all the factors

And our children are the sum

Raise our fists in anger

At a world that's gone insane

It's time to make new rules

If we're gonna play this game


c-2004, Robert Richmond Two Good Reasons Music BMI